Winchester 30 30 Winchester rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Dec 9, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Winchester

Model: 30 30 Winchester

Product Type: rifle

Purchase Price: about 100-200$

Testing Information

Time Tested: 2 days

Testing Conditions: light snow first day, great weather second day

Temperature Range: 40-50degreesF

Testing Terrain: streams and trees first day, v

Testing State: Montana

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Peter Doerr

Recommended: for a beginner

The 30-30 was the first gun I ever used. It was lightweight, small , and easy for me to fire. There is almost no kickback, but the bullets go only about 1/4 of a mile, no problem on my first day, but the second problems were becoming noticable, I saw the whole deer about 5 minutes before I could shoot it. It's a good gun for a beginner

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