Thompson Center 209X50 Encore Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 15, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Thompson Center

Model: 209X50 Encore

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: ?

Testing Information

Time Tested: 2 hours sighting in and shooti

Testing Conditions: clear

Temperature Range: 50degrees F.

Testing Terrain: varied

Testing State: Virginia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: JD Abshire

Recommended: Yes!

The false muzzle makes loading easier, also has solid aluminum ram rod. I zeroed at 50 rather than the usual 100 yds. because of 10-20 mph winds that day. Using 2-50 gr. Pyro pellets and the 250 gr. Barnes Expander mz. I got .50" - 1.00" groups. I especially appreciate the breech plug design. All gasses, fouling and residue go out/are contained in the barrel. Absolutely "0" blowback, no more scope protectors or concerns about burning an expensive scope which also makes for an easier clean-up. The short, hemispherical breech plug design allows for super hot ignition. Priming is easy, I can even insert the 209 primer with cotton gloves on which is somewhat like loading a minature shotgun shell. Negatives: 1. Hard trigger 2. A hammer extension would be nice for scoped rifles. I'm using medium Weaver style rings & base mount. The hammer is a little hard to reach, de-cocking is harder than cocking. Would go for high rings if extension was unavailable. 3. The 2 lugs on the underside of the barrel for attaching the forearm are held in place with 2 small flat head screws. The rear lug screw on mine has already worked loose or wasn't tight from the factory, (5 days usage). I recommend removing both screws, cleaning with solvent and adding loctite to prevent future undetected looseness damaging threads in the barrel. These lugs should be dovetailed rather than attached by screws in my opinion. After loading, shooting, taking game and cleaning the Encore, I'm in love, wouldn't go back. There's also the added bonus of installing one of several center fire barrels/calibers offered by TC from 17 Hornet to 45/70 gov't. plus many available calibers and configurations from Bullberry.

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