Double Bull Archery ICE Ground Blind Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 6, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Double Bull Archery

Model: ICE

Product Type: Ground Blind

Purchase Price: $390

Testing Information

Time Tested: 15 Days

Testing Conditions: Clear; Light and Heavy Rain

Temperature Range: 40 - 90

Testing Terrain: Mountains; Flat; Rolling Hills

Testing State: AZ; TX

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jonathan Drown

Recommended: Absolutely! Fantastic Product

I recommend the Double Bull Archery ICE (Instant Concealment Equipment) blind. It sets up in seconds--literally. The advertisement says 10 seconds, but it generally takes me 20 seconds. It is not too heavy at 17 lbs. But best of all are the results. The very first day I hunted, I was late setting up, and didn't get situated until 8:30 AM. I put the blind right next to a waterhole, just 10 yds from the water's edge and in the wide open! Within 30 minutes, we had 15 toms within 15 yds, and I bagged a Merriam's turkey 35 minutes after setup at 20 yds. If that wasn't good enough, we took down the blind and came back later the SAME DAY in the afternoon at 3:30 PM. This time, I had my whole family in the blind: wife, son, and daughter. at 4:05 I arrowed a fork-horn mule deer! We setup the blind the next day just to see what else would arrive. We had several turkeys at 3 yds, deer at 20 yds, 30+ turkeys at 15 yds, Kaibab squirrels at 1 yd, and occasions where all were present. Even had a falcon swoop in an bag a chipmunk at 22 yds. Incredible. And all of this on heavily hunted public land in northern Arizona. Took the same blind to south Texas for hog, javelina, and turkey hunting at the Edmund Tom ranch. Setup the blind 20 yds from a feeder the first afternoon around 4:00 PM, and bagged my first hog at 17 yds before 6:00 PM. Don't have a picture of the blind setup here, but it was literally on the road and shooting lane beyond the feeder. Shot a javelina from the same blind two days later at 16 yds. Tried the blind in several areas and in several setups. The does were hardest to convince. In one very open area--little vegetation--the deer would not come close the first evening. Had the same thing happen at another spot, but this was with setting up the blind at 4:00 PM on an afternoon and waiting until dark. Solved the "spooky doe" problem by leaving the blind in the same place for 24 hrs. After that I had all kinds of deer within 8-17 yds, with several very nick eight-point buck eating at 9-12 yds. Tried a tripod stand as well, and took another hog at 15 yds. I will take the Double Bull Archery ICE blind on every hunt going forward. By the way, jump at any chance to hunt the Edmund Tom Ranch. 70 miles or so south of San Antonio near Campbellton, Edmund and J. Pat are very knowledgeable, very friendly, and they have a great ranch.

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