Warren Sweat Pony Deer Cart Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 13, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Warren Sweat

Model: Pony

Product Type: Deer Cart

Purchase Price: $90.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1 hr

Testing Conditions: N/A

Temperature Range: N/A

Testing Terrain: N/A

Testing State: TX

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Robin Clark

Recommended: NO WAY!

My husband and I bought two of these. They were new and still in their boxes requiring them to be assembled. Please note that all problems encountered were encountered on BOTH items. Right from the start there were problems. The axle was too large of a diamater to go through the pre-drilled hole. We had to drill the hole to get it through but the hole on the other side it was supposed to come out of was offset. Drag out the drill again! Now comes the fun part. The wheel hub would not fit over the axle requiring us to grind down the axle. even the saftey pin supplied would not fit. All in all we had to drill, grind and bend parts to get them to fit. If we weren't hunting the next day we would have taken them back for a refund.

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