Ol man Tree Stand The Original Ol man Tree Stand Product Review Details

Review Date: Sep 14, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Ol man Tree Stand

Model: The Original Ol man

Product Type: Tree Stand

Purchase Price: $189.95

Testing Information

Time Tested: The Last 4 Seasons

Testing Conditions: Dry/Rainy/Snow/Sleet

Temperature Range: -13 to 70 Degrees

Testing Terrain: Rolling

Testing State: INDIANA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Galen R. Deig

Recommended: Yes, very much

I would like to say this from the start, "I do not like heights!". This is the first climbing tree stand that I have ever felt comfortable above 10 feet. I now hunt from 18-38 feet up. It is easy to pack and cary. I don't have any problems on "wet" slick bark trees (doesn't leave big scars on the tree). It is very quiet when climbing and easy to do so with the Stand-Up/Sit-Down climbing method. I only have two things about the stand that slightly bother me...On very small trees, because of the design of the stand, it is a little tight (for a big guy) when leaning back against the tree. And, the other is once you achieve your height, the "Net" seat is a little awkward moving into the "normal" position. But, by that time I have already fastened my Safty Harness to the tree so, I don't worry. I would purchace another, possibly even one of their new CARBON CLIMBING TREESTANDS they offer. Their web site is: http://www.ol-man.com/ P.S. If you are wondering, I have Hunted with a Compound Bow, Pistol, Shotgun, and a MuzzleLoader out of this stand, all with successful results. This will be first year I will be hunting with a BLACK WIDOW recurve bow using this stand, I hope it turns out to be good! GOOD LUCK! and BE SAFE!

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