Nosler Ballistic Tips Bullet Product Review Details

Review Date: Jun 5, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Nosler

Model: Ballistic Tips

Product Type: Bullet

Purchase Price: varies

Testing Information

Time Tested: 9 years

Testing Conditions: numerous

Temperature Range: 25-95 degrees

Testing Terrain: Flat and rolling hills

Testing State: SC

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: William Lewis

Recommended: Yes

I have used Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets for 9 years. During that time, I have harvested 38 deer that ranged in weight from 90lbs to 193lbs, with the average near 130lbs. The ranges varied from 10 ft to 314 yards, with the average being somewhat around 80 yards. The angle of the shots also varied but were usually broadside or quartering away. Some shots encountered dense bone, but most shots encountered only ribs. The rifles used were 26-06, 270, 7mm08, 7mm Rem Mag. and 30x47HBR (Benchrest wildcat). Of the 38 deer harvested, I had complete pass throughs on all but 6 shots. Of those 6 shots, I recovered 3 of the bullets. They were all in one piece and retained over 50% of their original weight. There is not much more that I could ask in the way of bullet performance from a conventional bullet. As you can see, this opinion was not based on one or two deer harvested, or a narrow set of circumstances, but on a considerable number harvested with several different rifles at a variety of distances and conditions. The only complaint that I have, is that these bullets tend to tear up a lot of meat. I did lose one deer due to a bad hit (my fault). Ballistic Tips are excellent bullets and are some of the most accurate hunting bullets that I have ever used.

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