Neverwear Archery Neverwear Broadhead Target Product Review Details

Review Date: Mar 15, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Neverwear Archery

Model: Neverwear

Product Type: Broadhead Target

Purchase Price: n/a

Testing Information

Time Tested: six weeks

Testing Conditions: all types

Temperature Range: 30 - 90

Testing Terrain:

Testing State: Louisiana

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Roy Charbonnet

Recommended: yes

Every once in a blue moon you run across a product that truly makes a difference in the bow hunting industry, and this weekend was a blue moon. I have been shooting blocks of Styrofoam for years, for my Broadhead targets. and like most bowhunters I wear them out and pickup all the white chunks of foam all over the backyard every year, and replace it with a new $40.00 Block for the next season. I also purchased the Mckenzie deer targets and replace the midsection every two years for around $50.00 Bucks. Thanks to a Target company called " NEVERWEAR " There will be no need to waste money on Styrofoam again. This Broadhead Target has a LIFETIME CORE!!!! Yes LIFETIME CORE!!!! I called the people at NEVERWEAR and they said if I could wear the core out they would give me my money back and I could keep the target...The challenge was on. I called up three of my hunting buddies and we all shoot the new Z-max bows with carbons. We shot expandables, muzzys, thunderheads, wasp you name it we shot it. The core is a soft core made out of a Clay type material thats sits in the middle of a dense foam outer border like the Mckenzie targets. This well be the last target you ever purchase........The pro shops have them set up and charge you three dollars to shoot your broadheads. My friends and I purchased the NEVERWEAR TARGETS.. It sure is nice to shoot a target that will never wear out........If you have any questions call the people at NEVERWEAR and tell them Roy alias Barred feather sent you....

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