Beretta T3 Lite Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Sep 3, 2005

Product Information

Manufacturer: Beretta

Model: T3 Lite

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: 650$

Testing Information

Time Tested: 5

Testing Conditions: partly couldy no rain

Temperature Range: 60F - 90F

Testing Terrain: slightly decline

Testing State: Minnesota

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jeremy T Drake

Recommended: YES!

I am a fourteen years old and I needed to get a deer hunting rifle that i could use to go to northern Minnesota with well I looked two stores and i found out that at one store had this one rifle named the Tikka t3 lite in a caliber of .270 win. when I saw it I really liked the bolt cuss it had no resistance when i opened the action and it also had a free floating barrel that was a Sako barrel. At the store I also had it bore sighted with a Bushnell 3*9 by 40mm scope. the first time I went to the range i was actually scared to fire it cuss i was thinking of the recoil but I'm a pretty big guy and when I first shot it i found that the recoil did not bother me I first shot it at 25 yards I wasn't disappointed with the grouping but everything is really going to be accurate at 25 yards well about the 5th time I went I had reloaded me own ammo with Hornady soft pint jacketed bullets and Imr 4831 powder with 49.5 grains well when i shot at one hundred yard i shot three rounds first and i was so surprised cuss the grouping on it was so tight together that i could take a penny and cover all three shots and they are just barely touching the center in fact one is partially on the center. I would say to any one that was thinking about buying a rifle for hunting to get a tikka there are different types and the T3 Lite comes in a lot of different calibers like 270 win and also comes in 30-06. if any one wants to buy a hunting rifle this is the one!

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