Horton Legend II Crossbow Product Review Details

Review Date: Jul 31, 2005

Product Information

Manufacturer: Horton

Model: Legend II

Product Type: Crossbow

Purchase Price: $399

Testing Information

Time Tested: 40hrs

Testing Conditions: cool to extreme cold

Temperature Range: 10 to 90 degrees

Testing Terrain: hills to flat

Testing State: ohio

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Ryan Seidel

Recommended: hell yea

Talk about bang for your buck...or banging a buck!! This is one bad crossbow. When i first got it (being the hillbillys we are)We decided to try it out in my buddys garage. We set up two boxes of drywall mudd in front of his tool box, and i cracked a bolt off. Not only did it go through the two boxes of mud it went through the face of the draw, of his brand new snap on tool box! It looked like a 38 round went off! And I'm not even going to say what it does to the next deer lol....happy hunting!!!

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