Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout Range Finder Product Review Details

Review Date: Mar 13, 2005

Product Information

Manufacturer: Bushnell

Model: Yardage Pro Scout

Product Type: Range Finder

Purchase Price: 230

Testing Information

Time Tested: 35 days

Testing Conditions: Heat, cold, snow, rain

Temperature Range: 20-100 F

Testing Terrain: Mountains

Testing State: Idaho

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Dan

Recommended: No

I bought the Yardage Pro Scout 3 years ago. Intitally the battery would die very quickly about 3 months. It ranged just fine, however the battery consumption rate continued to accelerate to the very end - on its final day I put a new battery in it in the morning (and it ranged just fine), by 4 pm the thing did not work at all. Now here is the really bad part in my opinion. I sent it off to Bushnell to have it repaired. They would not repair it because it was beyond warranty and they said the cost to repair equaled the price to replace. They sent me a bill for $230 to replace my range finder, I declined and they sent me back my range finder (of course it still did not work). I easily put 36 dollars in batteries in this range finder. Wish I would have taken the initial purchase price and the money I spent on batteries and bought a Nikon or any other brand. I just purchased a Nikon Monarch - we will see.

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