Winchester Black Shadow .300 WSM Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 15, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Winchester

Model: Black Shadow

Product Type: .300 WSM

Purchase Price: $350.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: Two Weeks

Testing Conditions: Clear to Showers

Temperature Range: 55-70

Testing Terrain: Hills

Testing State: South Carolina

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Ron Burrows

Recommended: Most Definitely

This is the ultimate in weapons. 150 - 180 grain ammo. Range tested on bench 6 shots size of a quarter 100 yds. Hardly any recoil. Comes wit a 3-9 variable Scope. I replaced with a Whitetail 4X18X50 Hit 150# white tail 250 yards behind the left shoulder so hard it broke the left shoulder when it hit him. 150 grain. Shot 275# hog at 130 yds stopped him dead in his tracks.150 grain bullet. For accuracy, light weight, little recoil this weapon is tops in my book. selling price $ 350. ??? Try Walmart...

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