Savage 116fss Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 7, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Savage

Model: 116fss

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: 350-480

Testing Information

Time Tested: 60 days

Testing Conditions: +102F to -9F

Temperature Range: +78F

Testing Terrain: mountains & flats

Testing State: Colorado & California

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Mike

Recommended: No, never, not a chance!!!!!!

I hate this rifle. It is a savage 116fss stainless weather warrior in 300 win mag. Savage sold it to me as a package meaning it came mounted with a scope and had sling and swivels. I should have known there was something wrong when i picked up the gun looked through the scope and saw that crosshair had snapped in the scope. I asked what happened and the seller stated he got it that way and it must have broke when shipped. I said no to the gun but he said he would take 75 dollars off because the scope so I agreed to buy it for 300 dollars. BIG MISTAKE. I took it to a friend who is a gunsmith and asked if he thought it looked abused. he said it was in great order except the bolt was set funny and he could not fix it. i took it deer hunting in CA and saw a deer. i worked the bolt and it squeeked! the deer jumped up and took off. I have yet to get the rifle to stop the sqeeks. I looked at the barrel and now i see rust on the outside of the barrel and on the trigger guard! this is a stainless rifle we are talking about. i asked my gunsmith friend about this and he said it might be if i left my gun in its case. I never case my gun useless i am transporting it. it does not shoot that well to top it off. the best i did with it was 4 inch groups at 100 yards. i can touch bullets with my Remington 700 ADL .308 at 100 yards. so i doubt it is me. i took the gun to a buy back gun shop and they said they would only give me 150 for it WITH the Leupold i put on it. i will never buy another savage.

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