Huglu Redhead Delux 103DX Over Under Shotgun Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 27, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Huglu

Model: Redhead Delux 103DX

Product Type: Over Under Shotgun

Purchase Price: Appx. $750.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 100+ Hours

Testing Conditions: You name it...

Temperature Range: 60-98

Testing Terrain: Flat, Rolling Hills

Testing State: Texas

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Tony R

Recommended: Yes!

Recently I purchased a Turkish built O/U mfg. By Huglu (pronounciation hu-lu, the g is silent) of Huglu, Turkey. To start with the fit and finish is alot more than I expected from a European mfg. firearm in this price range. It readily compairs to the Ruger Red Label in fit and finish. The stock is Turkish Walnut and sports a satin finish and hand cut checkering. The barrels are very nicely blued (mat finish is an option) and the receiver has a brushed (coin) finish. Mine came with 28" barrels with five screw-in type chokes that will interchange with the Beretta/Benelli mobil choke. The selectable triggers broke at 3.9 pounds with little/no creep. The ejectors are very positive. The only complaint from others that have fired this shotgun is the LOP, it runs at appx. 14". A little longer than others but, still very comfortable. The Huglu is a well balanced shotgun that points well making it a pleasure to shoot multiple rounds of skeet/trap. I would highly recommend this shotgun to anyone that doesn't want to "break the bank" buying a more expensive shotgun, or the first time O/U buyer.

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