Mossberg 500 Shotgun Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 11, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Mossberg

Model: 500

Product Type: Shotgun

Purchase Price: $349

Testing Information

Time Tested: 10 years

Testing Conditions: All that Michigan has to offer!

Temperature Range: -20 to 80 degrees

Testing Terrain: Lakes and farmland

Testing State: Michigan

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jason Ramsey

Recommended: Yes

I have killed almost everything that has a season with this gun. The thumb safety is the best in the industry hands down. The 24" ported barrel with the scope mount is the most accurate slug set up period. I can group Winchester partition gold sabots 4" at 100 yards and have killed deer at near 200 yards. You will need a rifle scope with this gun because the feeble magnification of most shotgun scopes do not do this gun justice. Thousands of rounds have been fired at Deer, geese, turkey, squirrel, rabbits and birds without a single failure! What a great buy!

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