Mossberg 500 Mariner 12 Ga Shotgun Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 7, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Mossberg

Model: 500 Mariner

Product Type: 12 Ga Shotgun

Purchase Price: 479.99 Canadian

Testing Information

Time Tested: New, 1.5 hours of testing

Testing Conditions: Light Rain

Temperature Range: 15 Degrees Celsius

Testing Terrain: Mountains

Testing State: BC, Canada

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Roland B. Lewis

Recommended: Absolutely

I have owned Browning, Remington and Winchester pump shotguns in 12 gauge. In Western Canada, most hikers, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts that require or want protection against 4 legged predators carry 12 gauge shotguns. Slugs are preferred but 000 buck will also do the job at close range. My latest purchase is a Model 500 Mariner. This firearm by far takes first place over all the others. Out of the box, barrel cleaned and action lightly oiled, I fed and fired over 100 shots without a problem. I used different brands of birdshot, buckshot and rifled slugs. My BPS used to jam on occasion no matter what I fed it, the 870 was fairly reliable but for my build it did not shoulder properly . My Winchester 1200 was smooth and would shuck shells nicely but appeared to be of a weaker breech bolt/slide arm bridge design. I didn't trust it enough for bear or cougar protection. Although the 500 requires a somewhat stronger trigger pull compared to the other brands, under stress in an tight spot, this just won't matter. The Mossberg 500 Mariner is my choice, especially in black and grizzly bear country up here in British Columbia, Canada.

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