Redfield Redfield Widefield 2 7x28x36 Rifle Scope Product Review Details

Review Date: Jun 2, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Redfield

Model: Redfield Widefield 2 7x28x36

Product Type: Rifle Scope

Purchase Price: $220-$300

Testing Information

Time Tested: 15 to 20 YEARS

Testing Conditions: ALL

Temperature Range: 10 to 90

Testing Terrain: woods, pines, hills, cutovers,

Testing State: MS and LA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Evans

Recommended: YES!!

This was my uncle's scope for a lonnnnnggggggg time. I am his nephew, and it was given to me for my first scope. It has lasted somewhere between 15 to 20 years. It has only been sent back to the factory once because the seal broke, and some water got trapped inside the scope. However, Redfield had the scope back to my uncle in about a week. The only two draw backs for me are that the magnification is not very high (2x-7x) and the light gathering ability is miniscule (very small). Over all it is a great scope for anyone with shorter range shots in a woody or plot setting. It's now time for me to get a new scope. Does anyone know anything about the brand HAKKO, and if they can be relied upon??? OR Does anyone have some suggestions on a fairly priced (up to $225) scope with a mag. of 3-12 (or more) and a 50 mm lens (or more)???

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