2nd Generation Tech Inc Carryall Buddy Game and Utility Cart Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 18, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: 2nd Generation Tech Inc

Model: Carryall Buddy

Product Type: Game and Utility Cart

Purchase Price: $339.95

Testing Information

Time Tested: 8-10 hours

Testing Conditions: dry, rain, mud, light snow

Temperature Range: 12-65 degrees

Testing Terrain: Steep hills, game trails, flat

Testing State: Oregon

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Ira

Recommended: Yes

The Carryall Buddy is a lightweight (28lbs), collapsable game cart that is easily packed or pushed into a hunting camp or game location. It is modular and can be setup in about 5 minutes. The pivoting front handle is very handy for two person operation and folds away nicely when not being used. It has a heavy duty, 12 gauge, 20" steel wheel with knobby tires, a thorn proof tube, and also a StopFlat tire liner. The frame is constructed of 3/4" and 1/2" galvanized steel tubing for corrosion resistance and is powder coated to create a durable, long-lasting finish. The Carryall Buddy comes equipped with double or single brakes and add-ons like a light and/or accessory kit. The double brakes come in handy for heavy loads on steep terrain and in wet conditions. When the wheel gets muddy, the pads on one brake set scrape the sides of the wheel to allow the first set to have a cleaner grab. The plastic fender keeps your animal from wearing on the tire and reduces the amount of mud and debris that gets thrown off the tire onto you and your game. The foot operated kickstand works good for keeping the cart upright and balanced when you set it down and also for sliding over logs like a hand truck when it is up. The one-wheeled design with a lowered center of gravity works great for maneuvering down game trails and especially for side-hilling, which can be quite difficult with two-wheeled carts. The accessory kit included extra brake pads and a brake cable, replacement nuts, bolts, washers, and a small crescent wrench in a camo pouch that attaches to the main frame. The wrench is all you need to collapse or setup. Amazingly enough, when folded down, the cart measures only 8" deep by 27" wide at the widest point and 51" long. Overall, the Carryall Buddy is a well designed, lightweight, dependable game carrier that my family will be using for many years to come.

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