Mossberg 835 UltiMag Shotgun Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 10, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Mossberg

Model: 835 UltiMag

Product Type: Shotgun

Purchase Price: 339.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: So far about 4 hours

Testing Conditions: Partly Cloudy

Temperature Range: 22 - 28 degrees

Testing Terrain: Flat

Testing State: New Jersey

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jason

Recommended: So Far Yes

A friend and I bought 2 Ulti-Mags last week. We started patterning this weekend. We patterned the guns for deer so it was done with 00 buckshot, 1 buck also changed the choke to a Full. Started out with 3 1/2" Federal that first shot surprised me but was ready for it the next time. You don't want to hold this gun like grandma's 20 gauge. Was really impressed with federal's pattern, consistently had 10 - 15 shot on a 2' x 2' piece of paper at 40 yards. Remington didn't give a bad pattern either, usually just a little high. That can be corrected with adjustable sights. Winchester well "maybe it was a bad batch" or it just shot horrible 1 - 2 on the paper at 40 yards. No jamming problems that o5ther experienced. My buddy had the kick opening his action after every shot but corrected that by having him cycle the action fully with the shot, actually gave him better grouping. Well all in all, we had to take a few breaks. we fired about 5 rounds of each 3 1/2" Federal, Remington and Winchester 00buck and 1 buck plus about 20 - 30, 3" shells of the same. after 5 shots of 3 1/2' you will need a break. after 10 - 15 you will return to 3" shells to "see how they pattern" and you will wake up the next day with a bruise as I did. Still have to pattern #4 and 000 buck

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