BSA Cats eye 3.5 10x50 illum reticle Scope Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 10, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: BSA

Model: Cats eye 3.5 10x50 illum reticle

Product Type: Scope

Purchase Price: 129

Testing Information

Time Tested: 50 + hours

Testing Conditions: alaska winter and weather

Temperature Range: 60 > _20

Testing Terrain: hills,tundra, mountains

Testing State: alaska

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: jeff peoples

Recommended: yes

I switch from a Vari-XI to this and it worked for my .338 win mag and can with stand the shock of the recoil and the rough terrain and never once after i the first zero did i have to shoot more than 3 shots to reconfirm my zero

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