remington 710 (270 win.) rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 8, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: remington

Model: 710 (270 win.)

Product Type: rifle

Purchase Price: 320-350

Testing Information

Time Tested: 6 months

Testing Conditions: rain, wind

Temperature Range: 50-100

Testing Terrain: flats, mountains

Testing State: virginia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Cory Harrison

Recommended: absolutely

this rifle by far is one of the best rifles i have ever shot. although the scope that came on it was not very good. so i replaced it with a bsa contender 6-24x50 scope, and the scope and the rifle are a perfect match.i have been shooting and hitting the exact same spot every time i pull the trigger, from my versapod.i would recommend this rifle to anybody if they are a teenager, up to a senoir. remington has made just about the best rifle in the world today.the rifle is a little more heavy than the other 700s, and if you mount the bsa scope that i used, then you do not have to buy any other hardware, or rings, or bases. and the 700 bases will not fit the gun. i fitted it with the scope, the low versapod, and the alaskan butler creek sling in black, and out of all the ammo for it, the winchest 130 silver ballistic tip is the best for long range. and the remington 140 or 150 grain is better for deer and black bearup to 300 yards

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