Winchester Super Shadow Model 70 .300 WSM Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 8, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Winchester

Model: Super Shadow Model 70

Product Type: .300 WSM

Purchase Price: $369 W/ simons scope

Testing Information

Time Tested: 5 Days

Testing Conditions: moderate Desert

Temperature Range: 62F-98F

Testing Terrain: Desert

Testing State: New Mexico

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Dave Haney

Recommended: Yes

I lost the Simons for a Leuplod Rifleman 3X9 scope. Sighted it it off sand bag bench rest at the local city shooting range. 1 shot every 3 min. The barrel never got warm. Produced 1" groups with "Winchesters 180 gr. Super-X Power-Point" 19.95 a box. This gun is not breaked or ported and it is not necessary. Suprising this gun produces a light recoil. I would say equil to a .308, I expected a big recoil and it was not there! After the initial shot I did not worry about triger flinch, and settled right it! .300 WSM is a must have caliber for any rifleman.

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