Steyr Pro Hunter Mountain Rifle Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: May 8, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Steyr

Model: Pro Hunter Mountain Rifle

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: $600+/-

Testing Information

Time Tested: 300+ hours

Testing Conditions: You name it

Temperature Range: 9F to 95F

Testing Terrain: Rolling woodland

Testing State: SE USA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Dwel

Recommended: Yes

This rifle is ion 308 Win. Stock looked weird to me but fit great. Adjustable length of pull nice ! Trigger pretty nice out of the box. Right around 1 MOA with several "premium" factory loads. Federal Premium "High Energy", 165 gr. Sierra Game Kings shot under 1 MOA as an average of 25-30 shots. As did Speer Nitrex with 165 gr. Grand Slams. With a hand load I worked up, about the same sub MOA ... goup after group. I like the compact set up. Drop out clip could be more secure. Too easy to release if carrying just right. Sling swivels hit the composite stock whith a "whack". Cured that with mole skin. Pricey factory grade rifle but I like it a bunch.

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