Savage Model 12 Varmint Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Mar 12, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Savage

Model: Model 12

Product Type: Varmint Rifle

Purchase Price: $500 (purchased for $400)

Testing Information

Time Tested: 7 days

Testing Conditions: Sunny, cloudy

Temperature Range: 65 Deg to 90 deg F

Testing Terrain: Flat field

Testing State: Ohio

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: erik7x57

Recommended: Highly

Savage has a winner with their Model 12 Varmint/Target Rifle in 308. After not-too-much handloading, I was able to work up a nice grouping round with Vhitavouri N-140/155gr Sierra hollow point. Though not intended for varmint hunting, I decided to see how the bullets would perform on groundhogs. The bullets were not exactly explosive, but they were so accurate that it did not matter. Even at my skill level (weekend shooter), 300 yard shots were obscenely easy. With the soybeans standing about 6 inches tall, and the 'hogs popping their heads up every few minutes, it was like playing "whack-a-mole" at long range. Very cool. I mounted a 6-18x50mm Bushnell Banner with Leopold rings and mounts, and it's rock solid. For a shooter that wants nearly sniper grade accuracy in an economical package, this rig is hard to beat.

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