Remington VSSF Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 13, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Remington

Model: VSSF

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: $700??

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1 year

Testing Conditions: all

Temperature Range: all

Testing Terrain: all

Testing State: KS, OK, SD, NE, TX, CO, PA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jason Ott

Recommended: YES...

I am writing about a Remington VSSF in .220 Swift. I have owned two of these and have had nothing but great luck with them... Shooting 55gr. Nosler BT's and Sierra BTHP bullets, you won't be disappointed. I have shot almost every varmint under the sun with these rifles, and in most states... I can proudly say that I can consistently shoot 1/2" groups at 200 yards. Don't let those swift haters tell you that it will burn out a barrel, IT WONT. At least not any faster than any other rifle...

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