Ruger No 1 H Tropical Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 4, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Ruger

Model: No 1 H Tropical

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: $615

Testing Information

Time Tested: 5 hours total

Testing Conditions: Clear with 20 mph wind

Temperature Range: 30 - 75

Testing Terrain: Shooting Range

Testing State: Minnesota

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Mike Kersten

Recommended: Yes

.475 Winchester Magnum ! It will do 2" groups at 100 yds with my loads if you grit your teeth hard enough. 350 Gr.Round noses have less recoil than the 500 grainers. When you pull the pin on a 500 grain load you will think that stepping in front of a railroad train might be less painfull. But I like it.

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