Ruger Mini 30 All Weather rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Dec 24, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Ruger

Model: Mini 30 All Weather

Product Type: rifle

Purchase Price: 499

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1 3/4 years

Testing Conditions: All

Temperature Range: about -10 to 80+ degrees F

Testing Terrain: target range, wooded hills

Testing State: MN

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Carl Swanson

Recommended: Recommend

I purchased this rifle in late winter of 2001. I have about 1,900 rounds through it. I have used it in all kinds of weather and in all seasons. It is such a fun gun to shoot that I rarely go to the range without it. I have carried it afield a few times, but never shot anything with it. I use the Russian "Wolf" 123 grain hollow points. The ammo is good for the money, but it is for plinking/informal target shooting and varmint dispatch only, IMO. Rifle flaws: Upon the first shot, 2 small chips were removed from the synthetic handguard where it mates to the gas attachment structure. Nothing functional, just small flakes which left small irregularities I sanded out. Positives: This is truly a 2 1/2 MOA rifle, no matter what the weather or seasonal conditions. This is with the Russian "wolf" ammo. It has finctioned flawlessly. I am also pleased to report that 3 after market magazines purchased have functioned flawlessly as well. After 1900 rounds the rifle shows the usual semi-auto wear as would be seen on a Garand or M-1 carbine, and it appears to be a robust and serviceable rifle with many rounds of endurance left. Accuracy is every bit as good now as it was initially. Dissembly and cleaning are easy. The trigger is typical Garand, the sight picture is excellent, and the handling qualities are excellent for me. The recoil is a little more than initially expected due to the lightness of the rifle, but this is still insignificant.

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