Winchester Model 70 Super Express rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Dec 24, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Winchester

Model: Model 70 Super Express

Product Type: rifle

Purchase Price: 525

Testing Information

Time Tested: 8 years

Testing Conditions: All weather/seasons

Temperature Range: 10 to 80+ degrees F

Testing Terrain: target range, wooded hills

Testing State: NY, MN

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Carl Swanson

Recommended: Recommend

I purchased this rifle NIB in December of 1994. It is chambered for the .375H&H. It replaced an older push type Winchester Model 70 chambered for the .375H&H. The following defects were present when I removed it from the box. A slight flaw in the left forearm stain near the tip, the recoil pad was not properly fitted to the stock contour at the top and the pistol grip cap was loose and slightly cockeyed. Immediately impressive were; the finish of the metal and the figure of the stock wood, especially in the butt region. I corrected the flaws myself and glass bedded the rifle using Acraglas. I used the rifle for deer hunting from the 1995 through the 2000 deer seasons, and it saw varied temperatures and climatic conditions. It has had about 500 rounds through it on the target range. I shoot it in the hot summer months and in the middle of winter. The weather and environmental conditions have never resulted in a shift of bullet impact in the field or on the range. The field performance has been flawless, with a controlled round feed that works faultlessly. The rifle is more accurate than I can shoot this caliber, as on occasion I have gotten 100 yard groups of 1 inch from the sitting position. I do not shoot this rifle from prone or the bench. In fact, it is sighted in offhand at 200 yards. Its performance has remained constant through two scopes, one a 4x, the other a 2 3/4x power.

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