BSA CatsEye 6 24X50 mm Rifle Scope Product Review Details

Review Date: Dec 10, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: BSA

Model: CatsEye 6 24X50 mm

Product Type: Rifle Scope

Purchase Price: 150-250

Testing Information

Time Tested: 40 hrs.

Testing Conditions: snow, rain, sun

Temperature Range: 0-40

Testing Terrain: Flat, brush, mountains

Testing State: PA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Andy Bauer

Recommended: not for whitetail hunting

I just mounted this scope on my new Remington Sendero 7mm Ultra Mag. While I love the 3 post sight and the mgnification, there is glare if the conditions are not just right. Also, you'd better have your eye dead center or you will not have a full field of veiw. Missed a Huge trotting buck because of this difficulty! May be good for varmit or low pressure standing still game...wish I could return it...drop me a line if you know a good high power scope.

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