Mossberg 500 ShotGun Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 16, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Mossberg

Model: 500

Product Type: ShotGun

Purchase Price: 250-500

Testing Information

Time Tested: 7 years

Testing Conditions: All

Temperature Range: All

Testing Terrain: All

Testing State: Virginia and Michigan

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: David Parsons

Recommended: Absolutely!!

My wife and I have owned several different models of the 500 through the years. She currently uses one chambered in 20 Ga. and I have a 12 Ga. model with ghost-ring sights that I use for small game and deer. The short barrel and intuitve sight picture make easy work of quick moving rabbits and squirrels in even the heaviest of brush. With slugs, the gun creates ragged single hole groups at 25 yards. Where I currently hunt, 25 yds is an average shot. I have used the weapon to push through dense rose bushes, had it covered in snow and mud, put hundreds of rounds through it in an afternoon at the range and have NEVER had any problems out of the 6 different Mossberg 500s that we have owned. I would recommend the series of weapon because they have always been reliable, accurate and affordable. I used to work with a guy who shot trap and skeet competitively. He had a 500 with more than 500,000 rounds through it. The action was worn like a mirror but it still shot 50/50 birds. Have fun and stay safe, dp. If you were wondering; I use an 835 for waterfowl and turkey only because of the 3 1/2" chamber - nice.

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