Rocky Cornstalker hunting boots Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 29, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Rocky

Model: Cornstalker

Product Type: hunting boots

Purchase Price: Cornstalker

Testing Information

Time Tested: 3 years

Testing Conditions: rain, snow, dry

Temperature Range: cool and cold

Testing Terrain: hills, briars, fields, etc

Testing State: Oklahoma

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Randy

Recommended: no

I bought these boots about 6 years ago for $130 at a local sporting goods store. I wore them for a couple of years. They were ok and waterproof but sort of stiff, but never got that broken-in, comfortable feel. The third year I took them out of the closet and noticed the soles were coming apart in chunks, and crumbled in my hand. I took it to a dealer and they told me that there had been many problems with Rocky soles deteriorating, but it was not covered by any warranty. What luck! It seems the new technology makes boots cheaper to build, but they do not last as long.

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