Excalibur Exomag Crossbow Product Review Details

Review Date: Sep 5, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Excalibur

Model: Exomag

Product Type: Crossbow

Purchase Price: $450

Testing Information

Time Tested: 20 days

Testing Conditions: hot, sunny

Temperature Range: 70-95

Testing Terrain: Flat

Testing State: Georgia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Tony Green

Recommended: Yes!

This is the best crossbow going. Very simple, very fast and very accurate! It has recurve limbs which make the bow very simple and very accurate. My 6 year son can shoot groups of 3" at 25 yards. Even my wife, which has never shot a gun or bow can hit a 1.5" circle at 20 yards every time! This is the best crossbow on the market. The quality cannot be matched by any other crossbow manufacter. I am extremely pleased with this crossbow!! I do recommend the scope package ($140-$150) additional.

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