Mossberg 835 Special Hunter Shotgun Product Review Details

Review Date: Apr 22, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Mossberg

Model: 835 Special Hunter

Product Type: Shotgun

Purchase Price: 250

Testing Information

Time Tested: 3 Complete Hunting Seasons

Testing Conditions: All Conditions

Temperature Range: 15 to 75 degrees

Testing Terrain: Hills and Mountains

Testing State: PA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: John Sharrer

Recommended: No

Sorry to have to write this... What a shame for O.F. Mossberg since it is an American Company. 3 of my friends and I purchased 835 Shotguns 3 years ago. We used the guns to hunt Waterfowl, Turkeys and other small game in Western PA. We have all since replaced these guns. All 4 of these guns had pattern board problems shooting the factory recommended steel size for choke. They all shoot pretty good patterns with lead for the most part. One shoots 5 inches high at 30 yards with most Turkey loads. At least the pattern is tight. I still believe a good shot gun should shoot where you point it... In short, I've heard the rumor that the barrels on these guns are made in Mexico. I don't know if that is true or not, but all four of our guns have patterning problems shooting steel. Be prepared to shoot the more exspensive non-tox shot at waterfowel if you plan on bagging anything. All four of these guns are ported and still kick like a mule. Especially with the 3.5 shells. Everyone of these guns had jamming problems as well when using 3-1/2 shells of any make. 3-inch & 2-3/4 shells seemed to feed well for the most part. Forget getting off your 2nd and 3rd shot more times than not if your target is moving quickly when using the 3-1/2 inch shells. We have all hunted for years and keep our guns very clean and well cared for. My one friend was so mad one day that he almost threw his 835 into the swamp over it's constant jamming problems. My gun the past 2 years has cost me at least 3 geese and too many ducks to remember over it's jamming problems on the 2nd and sometimes 3rd round. Forget doubles for the most part. These guns are best used for a one shot deal at slower moving Turkeys. I would like to meet the guy who bags a running or flying triple with one of these stove pipes. If you purchase one of these guns... be prepared to learn how to field strip it to clear jams. I purchased a Benelli Nova and the difference is like night and day compared to the Mossberg 835. My other friends have all replaced their Mossberg 835's and are having better luck with more exspensive guns. I guess you really do get what you pay for these days..! Once again... Sorry Mossberg.

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