L.R.I. Inc. Photon Fusion LED Flashlight Product Review Details

Review Date: Feb 5, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: L.R.I. Inc.

Model: Photon Fusion

Product Type: LED Flashlight

Purchase Price: $81.95

Testing Information

Time Tested: 14 days

Testing Conditions: Rain and Cold

Temperature Range: 28 to 45 degrees

Testing Terrain: Mountains

Testing State: Oregon

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Richard Maher

Recommended: YES

The Photons are the best LED lights on the market and the Fusion is the latest in a long line of quality products. The Fusion incorporates 6 LED bulbs that are not effected by cold and with 7 functions the batteries on the brightest mode last for 12 hours. Comes with a lifetime warranty, batteries, pure gold plating on all contacts, positionable head, Electronic activated switch and a SOS mode that can be seen for over a mile. You can read about them at www.photonmicro.com

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