Review Date: Dec 29, 2001

Product Information

Manufacturer: KNIGHT



Purchase Price: 1099.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 40 HOURS

Testing Conditions: SUNNY

Temperature Range: 80 - 90 DEG.

Testing Terrain: FLAT

Testing State: INDIANA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Steve Bower

Recommended: NO

Gun would not group well after trying over 20 different bullets. I wasted over $200.00 worth of bullets and powder trying to get it to shoot well. The gun also had a serious problem. It would not fire sometimes when the trigger was pulled. When I tried to move the safety on the gun back into the "safe" position the gun went off. This happened more than once. I was lucky it was pointed in a safe direction when this happened. Also the advertising on this gun stated that the gun had a gold plated trigger. It did not and when I called Knight to inquire about the gold trigger I was treated as if I didn't know what I was talking about, even though their website stated that the gun had a gold trigger. I returned the gun to Knight and they got it straightened out. They said the barrel was rough and had to polish and lap the barrel and replaced the bolt/hammer mechanism which they said was the problem causing the gun to hang and then fire when the safety was moved to the safe position. I have a Knight MK-85 Hunter which I have had no problems with. I think Knight has become too big a Company now and their Quality Control is poor to say the least. Some of their service people were very rude and didn't seem to want to talk to me. I would not buy another Knight Rifle after my latest experience with them!!

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