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Outfitter Review - Blackwells Guide Service

Submit Date: Aug 20, 2001

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Blackwells Guide Service

Outfitter / Contact: Mike Blackwell

Location: South Carolina, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail deer

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: None

Accomodations: Mediocre

Camp Condition: None

Food Quality: Mediocre

Guide Experience: What Guides? Had Chauffeurs

Other Personal Experience: The dog seemed fairly inttelli

Review Information

Hunter: Steve Angell

Phone: 770-781-8185


Would Recommend: Not to my worst enemy!!!

Overall Impression: Would rather have been kicked in the groin!

I must admit I am partly to blame for this bad experience as I hunted with this guide service last year and had only slightly better results, seeing one doe in 3 days of hunting. However, it was unbearably hot and dry last year and I gave the service a second chance. BIG mistake. It only got worse. I suspected trouble upon arrival when I learned that there were only 9 hunters booked for 3 of the 5 days I had scheduled for myself and my brother. This down from the 25-30 last year. Then I learned that game handling would this year consist of quartering your deer and icing the meat down in "your" coolers. For FIVE days?????The length of my hunt. That really wouldn't matter though in the long run. After hunting 10 hours a day for 5 days. Myself nor my brother had seen a single animal. If you combine these results with my results last year that comes to about 130 hours spent in deer stands with a total of one deer sighted. That was the head of a doe at about 300 yards which occured last year. Guiding consisted of driving you to your stand and leaving you there for 5 hours while the "chauffeurs" went to take naps or sit at the local country store. ALL stands were permanent ladder stands. No scouting was done over the course of the week and it appeared that the only scouting done prior to the season opener was to spread a little corn on the ground and plant a some food plots which showed little signs of interest from the local deer population. Results were much the same for the rest of the hunters. Out of 9 booked hunters and a few extra "lifetime members" (guess I am not the biggest sucker) there were 3 bucks killed all week. A spike and two 6 points. There is more but I tire of complaining. If you want more details as to my experience feel free to e-mail me. sangell@bellsouth.net In the owners one defense. I, and my brother, were given the offering of coming back for 3 days at no charge. At the moment, I would prefer run naked through a briar patch and then be given a nice bath in tabasco sauce. Additional warning! This service also guides in two areas of South Carolina, Illinois and Alabama!

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