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Outfitter Review - Morells Big Paws

Submit Date: Apr 12, 2001

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Morells Big Paws

Outfitter / Contact: Vic Morell

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: none

Game Quantity: none

Accomodations: slept in converted bus (Bad)

Camp Condition: ok

Food Quality: fair

Guide Experience: I did not get into woods

Other Personal Experience: bad

Review Information

Hunter: Bob Waters



Would Recommend: not in two lifetimes

Overall Impression: Terrible/Horror

I wonder how some people can say that their hunt with this man was even fair, When I arrived with my hunting buddy we were told that they were going to bring in a bus for us to sleep in because the 2 bedrooms that were there had 2 guys in them and the other 2 were sleeping on the 2 sofas in the main room (Kitchen,living room). After we were taken out to the woods by what we thought was a guide,we were rushed back to camp because the wardens were looking for us, this was relayed to him by walkie talkie. by the way the supposed guide said to us when we wanted him to help with the packs that he is the cook and does not carry any packs. We never got into the stands that day or any day after. We were stuck in camp for the week as we did not have transportation back to the airport. He did not refund our money or even say he was sorry the way things turned out. We were told it was OK to fish even though the season was closed. Vic Morell has to be the worst outfitter in Canada. I wrote this only after reading some reveiws that gave him a fair or better rating. We hunted with this man because of the reviews we read in the outfitters review, only to find out some of these were from his friends that rented him the camp we were staying at. Makes you think what can you believe. He also had a outpost camp that was not located by the wardens. He had 4 legal sites and 10 hunters the week I was there. NO BEARS WERE TAKEN.

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