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Outfitter Review - Master Rack Lodge

Submit Date: Feb 5, 2001

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Master Rack Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Steve Maxwell

Location: Alabama, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: All does

Game Quantity: Not very many

Accomodations: Very Good

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Very Good

Guide Experience: Good

Other Personal Experience: Good

Review Information

Hunter: S Ljubicic



Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Disappointing

I have never gone into any hunt expecting too much, but this hunt was really disappointing. Alabama claims to have such a huge population of deer, but after a five day hunt at this lodge, I certainly cannot vouch for this claim. I didn't see any bucks at all and neither did anyone else during the time I was there. None of us saw too many does, either. I hunted this lodge in late December, so I guess I wasn't there for the peak of the rut, but I've hunted in other places around the country when the rut wasn't on either, but I still at least saw a good number of deer. I wish I had known about this website before I booked a trip to Alabama, because it seems like everyones experiences are very similar in that state. They go to one of these lodges and come back very disappointed without even seeing very many deer. Master Rack is a very nice lodge and the food was very good, but the hunting was poor, and that's what will stand out most in my mind. I think these Alabama lodges have had too much hunting on them in recent years that the deer have in my opinion pretty much been shot out. It's funny how these days these lodges all have minimums of 8 points and at least 15 inch spreads! I bet not one of every 50 hunters actually takes a deer like that. My advice would be to look for another state to hunt. Your chances of shooting even a very small buck in Alabama don't seem to be very good at all, to say the least.

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