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Outfitter Review - Broken Arrow Lodge

Submit Date: Jan 7, 2001

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Broken Arrow Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Erwin & Sheri Clark

Location: MT, usa

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: elk, mulies

Game Quality: 1 decent mulie, no elk

Game Quantity: few mulies, no elk

Accomodations: n/a

Camp Condition: mediocre

Food Quality: fair

Guide Experience: drop camp

Other Personal Experience: dont trust them

Review Information


Phone: 231-924-9618


Would Recommend: HELL NO!!!!!!

Overall Impression: WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

This hunt took place in Sept. of 1996. I've been on hunts after this on but not in this area. Without a doubt Erwin and Sheri have got to be the most crooked people I have ever meet. They did not even kiss us before they screwed us. My ass still hurts. We arrived in Alder for the opener of archery elk&mule deer season. He told us this was a great time to hunt. Not! I guess he cant control the weather but he could at least be honest about the game we were supposed to see. He said he had seen hundreds of elk the day before. Sure, maybe in another county. When we got ready to go up into the mountains, Erwin had us sign some papers. Little did we know we were signing our lives away. Come to find out later that the papers we signed said that we were responsible for the horses and pretty much anything else we touched. I was also under the impression that he was going to take us into the mountains to set up camp. Yae right! he gave us directions and showed us pictures of where to go. The horses that we had werent broke very well. Half way up the mountain, one horse freaked out, reared up, knocking my buddies dad over, and took off, scattering our gear all over the place. When we found the horse, the saddle and the pannier was trashed and the horse had a few cuts on its leg but was ok. We called Erwin and told him of what had happened. When he got us, we told him we wanted to skip the horses, so he put us on atv's and thats how we hunted till we left. The game was so scarce that we left the hunt 2 days early. But before we could leave, we had to pay over $400 in damage and vet bills! What a crock! They told me if the horse doesn't heal up, I would have to pay to replace it! About 2 weeks after returning home, I called to check on the horse. They said it was doing better every day. A couple of months later they called and said I have to pay $2000 for the horse because it had to be put down! We contacted the Montana Board of Outfitters only to find out Erwin was not a liscenced guide. We kept getting letters saying that if we dont pay, we'll have to go to court. Meanwhile, Erwin had gotten in trouble with the Govt. and eventually he left us alone. As far as I am concerned, he can kiss my ass along with sheri. We were ripped off badly and had a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. I HOPE NOBODY EVER GOES THERE AGAIN. OUR HUNT WAS ON PUBLIC LAND WHERE I SAW MORE HUNTERS THAN ELK! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY TO GO HERE!!!!!

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