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Outfitter Review - El Indio Outfitters

Submit Date: Nov 22, 2000

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: El Indio Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Dusty Davis

Location: Texas, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer / Hog

Game Quality: Excellent

Game Quantity: Excellent

Accomodations: Very good

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Excellent

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Review Information

Hunter: Joe Hill

Phone: 281-350-3200


Would Recommend: Yes without a question

Overall Impression: Very Good

This was my 2nd trip to El Indio Outfitters (Dusty Davis); I was there in the fall of 1998 after benchmarking (the process of finding BEST Practice) over 60 Outfitters and putting them in my database (currently 95 Outfitters). I got a 149 6/8 Whitetail had book to be there in 1999 but due to my mother passing away couldn’t make it. Dusty was very understanding and all he said was no problem just come in 2000. Not like some other outfitters who would have said you lost your deposit. On this hunt I hoped to break the 160 mark and this time I did just that. This was also a father and son hunt with my 89-year-old father. We have been hunting together for over 40 years and there have been some very memorable hunts. The hunt was for 4 days and my dad I got there on Friday, November 10 and sat in the blinds that afternoon. I did see a good deer that evening where he was on a road about 100 yards away from my blind, but season wasn’t open then. I went to bed that night and you can only imagine what I was dreaming about can’t you. Well opening morning came and there he was, but in a position that didn’t give me a clear shot and for some reason the deer got spooked when some coyote’s barked and all the deer left the area, which was very disappointing. Came back that evening with my guide Brandon Davis and yes you are right the buck didn’t show at all, but that is hunting but also frustrating. The 2nd day he showed up at 6:10 p.m. about 200 yards away in thick brush and the time he clear that brush I couldn’t find him in the scope. I was beginning to wonder if this deer had a charmed life. That evening back at the lodge we all talked about it (Dad, Dusty and Brandon) and came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t give up on that deer and try again tomorrow. May be the 3rd day would be the charm and he would show up. Dad did get 2-100 lb. hogs that day which made him extremely happy. The 3rd day was terrible he didn’t show up at all day. I can remember Brandon saying when we were driving back to the lodge that he had to go back to work tomorrow (he is a fireman in San Antonio), but his dad would be my guide. He also felt that since this deer hadn’t showed up today that it would show up early in the morning. He knew that his father have the opportunity to help me get the deer and boy would he rub it in. Dad did get a 200-lb. hog that morning he also got a nice buck that evening and well there was a little joking at the dinner table that I hadn’t even shot yet. The 4th and last morning was cold and luck was going to change. Brandon was right the deer showed up at about 6:30 a.m. still a little to dark to shoot, so we waited for better light, the deer was on the ground at 6:50 a.m. after making a 150 yard shot. We scored him above 160 B&C looks like I will get one of those coveted jackets at the Los Cazadores Deer contest. I finished the hunt that afternoon by getting a doe and a 150 Lb. Hog. Well I will be back next year and would like to say to all to those hunters who have hunted in other parts of Texas, that if you are ever get the chance to hunt South Texas, “TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT”, and want to go again. I do.

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