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Outfitter Name: Hickory Creek Outfitters (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Hickory Creek Outfitters - Niotaze KS

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Semi-Guided

Days Hunted: 3

Animals Hunted: not specified

Terrain Hunted: Foothills

Method of Take: Shotgun

Price Range: 500-999

Review Information:

Title: Not a hunt of a lifetime

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Outfitter Response: comments / details Jason, Lets be honest about the weather,it rained 9in in 48hrs.Roads were flooded and impassable.But that didnt stop james from driving all over the ranch with his 2wd truck,finaly getting stuck on top of the pond dam.After towing him out and seeing the damage to the road i was done!! When hunters come out of the woods at 8:30 in the morning telling me there are no mature birds on the farm i have to laugh...Since your group left we have killed 2 mature toms within eyesight of that gravel road.And have seen the strutter out by where i told Jody to hunt.But i guess you know my land better then me.Sorry your dream hunt didnt come true,but it was the weather and your hunting style that shattered that dream,not me!!!!Let me know if you want the phone number for the group that hunted after you on the same ranch.Im sure they would be happy to tell you about all the MATURE TOMS that they worked and killed after you left.....

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