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Outfitter Name: Blackfeet Outfitters (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Blackfeet Outfitters - Baab MT

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Guided

Days Hunted: 5

Animals Hunted: Cougar Mountain Lion

Terrain Hunted: Mountain

Method of Take: Bow

Price Range: 4000-4999

Review Information:


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Outfitter Response: I appreciate the chance to respond to this review. It's unfortunate that Scott has such terrible and inaccurate things to say about my family's business. We work very hard to make sure that every one of our hunters and fisherman have a safe and fun trip. Our photos and a long list of happy clients speak for themselves. During Scott's stay we had winds upwards of 95mph. Winds of that caliber make it impossible for our dogs to scent trail a lion. Also a major road in our area was closed for 2 of the days that he was with us due to blowing snow. These things are obviously out of our control. True, we did have a machine break down. This country is hard extremely on equipment. We got the machine running on one of the terribly windy unhuntable days. When Scott left Montana it was all smiles and handshakes. He seemed satisfied but disappointed that he didn't kill a lion and promised to return when the weather was better. After he got home and realized that he couldn't afford the return airfare ($1,200) his demeanor changed. All he would accept was a refund. I told him he could come back for free this season or next and that wasn't good enough. In reference to his claim of stopping to talk to every contractor in the area. The total amount of contractors talked to was 1. If you'd ever been to Babb, Montana in January you would believe this. We also asked our contractor buddy if he'd seen any lion tracks as he lives in an area that has produced some exciting chases for us. We routinely ask locals if they've seen any tracks or had problems with lions. Us Montanans are friendly and enjoy talking to people and making friends. In no way did we ever guarantee Scott to kill a lion. It can be a very difficult hunt that is also very weather dependent. We have clients hunt with us after attempting to take a lion with other outfitters. We do not talk bad about those outfits and I hope that other outfitters extend the same professional courtesy. We cut a decent sized track that we could have turned out on. Scott decided to pass. We kept hunting and never saw another runnable track. I would appreciate you removing this inaccurate review. He threatened me with this when he demanded his money back. I didn't realize someone that had dinner in my kitchen and rode with my in my truck for 5 days could be so vindictive. Even stooping so low as to take words that my son said out of context and using them against us.

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