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Outfitter Name: Pine Acres Hunting Camp (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Pine Acres Hunting Camp - Vermillion Bay ON

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Semi-Guided

Days Hunted: 6

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Terrain Hunted: not specified

Method of Take: Bow

Price Range: 1000-1999

Review Information:

Title: very disappointing

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Outfitter Response: We were RECOMMENDED by Johns cousin Chuck, who hunted at our outpost in 2010. His cousin and a buddy both bagged nice bear's while hunting over our baits (2010). They too stayed at the outpost. In 2011 John came up with the same cousin that was here in 2010. John, in 2011, bagged a CHOCOLATE COLOURED bear over our bait. His cousin, again bagged another LARGE boar (2011). Four bear's, for four hunters, in 2 year's. SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD TO ME!!! The outpost does NOT include tracking or retreival of hit animals. He wanted to hunt the blueberry patches, which were very noisy, with archery equiptment. I told him the closest shot he would be able to get at a BLACK BEAR is nearly 40'. This was because of the slash left behind in the clearcuts after a logging operation (too noisy to stalk in). If using long rifles, hunters can reach to 150' or farther. I told him I would not allow one of my clients to take such an unethical shot with bow, at such a large animal. My stance on ethical shots made him mad!! I told him in late July that the drought dried up the berry crop. The BONUS of not having any blueberries is that the baits were being DEVOURED by bears. As for the outpost, it's the same cabin as when his cousin Chuck was here in 2010, nothing has changed since then!! They said when they arrived they wanted to be by themselves. They phoned me when they had questions. They never answered their phone to organize a weekly checkup, they were always fishing when I checked on them. I now DO NOT offer spot and stalk hunting, because of this reveiw. I asked John to bring his own stand to set up the way he wanted it, which he did. At the end of his hunt he asked me if I would DONATE a couple of bear hunts for his hunting club for a raffle. I said I would prefer not to, he again seemed mad at my answer. If he thought the hunt was very dissapointing, WHY ASK FOR 2 DoNATIONS??? Chris Lavoie.

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