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Outfitter Name: Wilderness Hunting Lodge (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Wilderness Hunting Lodge - Monetery TN

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Semi-Guided

Days Hunted: 2

Animals Hunted: Elk

Terrain Hunted: Foothills

Method of Take: Rifle

Price Range: 1000-1999

Review Information:

Title: Nightmare Hunt

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Outfitter Response: First I would like to apologize to Mr. Matos for not being satisfied with his hunt. As fellow hunters and business owners we strive to meet or exceed our customers expectations. We have reached out to Mr. Matos and tried to reconcile any issues he had, but we have not heard back from him. Secondly I would like to address some of the issues he has claimed in the order he wrote them. 1) "Our first sign of trouble was when the GPS took us to the owners house instead of the Hunting Lodge." This has happened several times in the past because people drive to the address on the site clearly listed as the "billing address" rather than following the written directions just below that address. The directions to the lodge can also be found on the FAQ page including the GPS lat/long. We prefer people to use the written directions because most GPS units bring people in via a one-lane gravel road that's about 5 miles long and VERY steep with switch backs not friendly to RV's, people pulling trailers, or during inclement weather. 2) "Once there, we're met by an older gentleman who actually lives on the premises. HE didn't know we were coming. When asked about food, he told us there was none since we came late. " This sounds accurate. The older gentleman wouldn't really need to have been informed you were coming since he basically only points you to your room. It is not unusual for hunters to tell us they will arrive on a certain date, and either show up a day early or a day late. I apologize about the meal. One of the struggles in providing meals is trying to prepare enough food for everyone, with out wasting to much. 3) "The cows looked to be about 1-1/2 years old. Since we have no other choice, we take them." Of course Mr Matos had a choice. NO hunter is required to shoot an animal he is not satisfied with. 4) "The gentleman that shows up with a tractor asks what type of cut we want. I ask what type of cut they have and he says just regular. Ok, no choice so I guess we go with it. " This is completely inaccurate and the statement contradicts itself. If we only offered "just regular" why would he have bothered asking what type of cut you would like? The fact is we have a complete meat processing facility right on site and can cut animals to your exact specifications. We do offer what we call a "regular cut" that includes the cuts most hunters seem to prefer (burger, steak, roast, etc). However, I want to state again, we can cut your meat any way you want it done. 5) "there's no Cell phone service out there so we have to use their office phone to call. Right in the open next to the phone, there's a tablet with the names, adresses, credit card numbers, and codes for hunters credit cards. " This is an issue we will address if true. Typically written down credit card info is handled at a different location where very few employees even have access. Rest assured we take the security of your credit card information VERY seriously!

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