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Outfitter Name: Southern Ohio Outfitters (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Southern Ohio Outfitters - OH

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Guided

Days Hunted: 5

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Terrain Hunted: Farmland

Method of Take: Shotgun

Price Range: 2000-2999

Review Information:


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Outfitter Response: I'm just going to nip this in the butt right now.......I'm a straight shooter and never tell hunters anything but the truth. We are NOT a high fence operation. We hunt fair chase whitetail. We have recently had a few bad reviews from a group of hunters in shotgun camp that have felt the need to come on here and spread lies about us. Jim Pochus, Fred Beynon, Willim(Billy) Spolar Jr, and (Bubba ) Clark were all in the same camp. ALL these hunters have called each other as you can see from their reviews and made sure that their stories matched some what, but were yet a little different in their own ways........I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend calling our references. We have a TON, and are not afraid of anything and have nothing to hide. So, we urge you to call these hunters and you will find as many references who rebook and haven't killed a buck as you will hunters who have killed bucks. Let me explain the circumstances that surrounded several of these hunters. First, Jim Pochus. Jim smoked in his treestand which is highly highly looked down upon at SOO, and if you get caught smoking in your stand, you will stay in that stand. Jim also got down out of his treestand and walked around which is the second biggest cardinal sin at SOO. If your caught walking around the properties, which is extremely unsafe, your hunt is over. Jim also fired his firearm one morning before it was even daylight out of his treestand. Two of my guides Dave and Zach went to the stand to check on jim to make sure he didn't shoot himself. On top of this, Fred Beynon, which is Jim Pochus hunting buddy, pulled my Guide Kevin Ray to the side in the morning while kevin was taking jim to the stand and told kevin, and this is his exact words" DO NOT PUT ME EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO JIM, HE WILL F*** my hunt up" and that's when he told Kevin that Jim was smoking in his stand. Jim also seen 4 shooters the first morning with 2 chasing a doe and one walking broadside at 70 yards in the middle of the "cattle pasture", and jim just felt that "he couldn't make the shot" ......Jim forgot to mention this. You can tell by Jim's immature review, calling me a michael waldell wannabe, the type of guy he is.....Jim also forgot to mention the fact that he got in my guide, Kevin rays truck and started kicking the inside of the truck, why? because he said it was too small on the inside, mind you kevin has a full size 1500 dodge ram pickup truck....that's right, I couldn't make this up even if I tried. We gave Jim multiple chances to do the right thing and he should have been sent home early but we try to let individuals such as jim finish their hunt out even though he did everything we asked him not to......we have hundreds of pics of bucks from the farm Jim and Fred was on, big bucks and that's why they were their, but if you do the things they were doing you aren't going to see them As you can see, all of these hunters says that I personally had maps out looking at them and trail cam pictures.....Seriously? Not a single of us killed a buck during shotgun season, nor did I see a buck. Its hard to believe though that I wasn't around Fred or spoke to him, but yet he was close enough to me to see trail cam pics and maps that I was using to "supposedly" use to hunt big bucks with. I'm not a new outfitter, we have an awesome reputation, and was voted number #1 by deer and deer hunting magazine. I don't do things like this, and never have. If you come to SOO its not hard to see who we are working for, our hunters. You can tell this by talking to our references, and again, we have a ton of them. Jim and his buddy Fred upset two of the hunters SO bad that one of the hunters, ED, flipped jim off, and the other told them that when they book a hunt, they aren't buying a buck, they are buying the experience and the chance to harvest a mature buck. These hunters did not say a word to me about any of this, or it could have been addressed there at the lodge. They wait to say all this when they get home, behind the net, where no one can dispute what you are saying. Anything can get said on this website by anyone, keep this in mind. There are no check systems for these hunters, and fabracated lies can be told, and the outfitter is pretty much defenseless. Fred says that we wouldn't move him, that's a lie as well....if you are unhappy with your stand we will move you ONCE we have given it a chance to produce, however, hunters such as Fred wants to set in a stand only once and its very hard to kill a buck that way. As for Billy and BUBBA, these two guys came together as well.......as you can tell by Billy's comments such as we don't know how to gut a deer and our stands our unsafe, how fabricated these comments are......Do they realize how many we gut a year? and the most outlandish part of it, is that Billy gutted his own deer even though guide Dave Larkin told him he would.......so, how can we do a bad job of gutting billy's deer when he gutted his own deer? and as you can tell from BUBBAS review, him and Billy just so happened to have almost the exact same story. Anyone knows that an outfitter isn't the most popular person in the area. We lease massive amounts of land and don't let the locals hunt it. Its a given. However, I would love to know what the locals have to do with the hunt he had? it has no bearing on his hunt, and actually does not concern him at all. Our stands are not unsafe and he did not reset our stand and ladder stix's.......so, coincidently, billy and bubba who both came together got unsafe stands, in which our stands have 2 sometimes 3 rachets on each one, not counting the stix's.....again, call references, or look up anything about us on the net and you won't find this....bubba forgot to mention that our guide was glassing while he was setting in a stand, and tony stewart seen a big shooter ten and 2 does skirting the field edge heading right toward bubba, they went right past his stand, tony heard NO shots, why? because bubbba had already gotten out of his stand long before dark and was waiting on tony to pick him up because he didn't think he would see anything........We've had Drury, Realtree, Ted Nugent, BackWoods life, Outdoor Journal, etc, etc, etc,.......all contact us wanting to hunt and I have turned 90% of these shows away because our hunters come first...these shows call only the best of the best.....I also would not have taken the time to reply if I didnt care, but SOO has been in business for a long time now, and I'm not going to let hunters who should be in a high fence operation spread lies about us without addressing them........its true Billy and bubba has been to at least one operation before ours, it was in the Dakotas, and it was high fence.......they all went on a whitetail highfence hunt in the dakotas, they were successful and came to camp bragging about the big bucks they shot there.....well sirs, anyone can kill a pet deer. I don't make claims that everyone in camp is going to kill a big buck, but I do tell our hunters that we will try our absolute hardest to get them on one. These hunters are mad because a big one didn't fall into their lap. This is a fairchase operation and we try our hardest, that's all we can do.

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