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Outfitter Review - Texas LTD

Submit Date: Mar 22, 2010

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Texas LTD

Outfitter / Contact: Hugh Starr

Location: Texas, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Hogs

Game Quality: What Game?!

Game Quantity: ZERO!

Accomodations: Like Motel 8

Camp Condition: Shit

Food Quality: McDonald\\\'s is better, it is

Guide Experience: Joke

Other Personal Experience: Girlfriend is too nice for thi

Review Information

Hunter: Freddy Thompson

Phone: 727-512-9890


Would Recommend: Hell no!

Overall Impression: I've had a better time at the dump

Hugh is a jackass. He smells bad half the time. He has no land management skills. I was put on 2 feeders not working, he had the balls to accuse me of falling alseep commenting on where the corn is. The others went off 3+ hours before sunset, the morning feeders didn't go off while I was there. I saw more coin slot on this run down pig than I saw real pigs! Blinds suck, all cheap particle board painted green with a log drawn up. The stands creak so much you could hear a mouse fart in them. I want to punch the living crap out of the jackass who admantly recomended this idiot! Total waste of time, I'd have rather driven around lost in the countryside, would have probably seen more action.

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