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Outfitter Review - Wayne Holloway

Submit Date: Feb 13, 2010

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Wayne Holloway

Outfitter / Contact: Wayne

Location: nf, canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: moose caribou

Game Quality: one moose eight caribou

Game Quantity: one monster caribou

Accomodations: great

Camp Condition: fair

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: guide was a crab fisherman

Other Personal Experience: fair

Review Information

Hunter: Daniel Paul



Would Recommend: no

Overall Impression: poor

I shot a small 25 inch moose. Wayne's taxidermist stole my horns and cape. All monies for the hunt had to be paid up front, now i know why! The game in this area has been over hunted big time! It's a chop shop kind of a deal move u in and move u out ! Wayne is trying to sell the business! Hello. Dave his brother is no help at all! I shot the only bull moose I saw in 7 days of hard hunting my guide was a crab fisherman and almost drowned us when we left spike camp to return to main camp he crossed this huge lake in a john boat fully loaded in 60 mile per hour winds! Some days we would walk 8-9 miles and see nothing. One day my gps said we walked 17 miles, we saw one caribou. My guide tried really hard but he was a crab fisherman! Problem is we were not looking for crabs! Crabs and moose have nothing in common. I love this web site i wish i had known about it years ago! Man, would it have saved me a lot of grief. These pine ridge folk will take your money and they know they know I repeat, they know the game is not there!

Outfitter Response: I was alerted by a fellow outfitter to a report by a hunter on an experience at Pine Ridge Lodge. The report was submitted in 2010. In checking our records, and that of the newfoundland wildlife division back as far as the year 2000, I could find no record of a hunter by the name of Daniel Paul or Paul Daniel. Three pertinent points: outfitters should be made aware of such reports in order to save everyone some legal costs; there should be at least some effort by this web site owner to verify the hunter claims; and, some consideration ought to be given to the duration or shelf live afforded to reports.

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