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Outfitter Review - Sherman Creek Outfitters

Submit Date: Feb 6, 2010

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Sherman Creek Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Joe/Jodi Rasmussen

Location: WA, US

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk & Deer

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Fair

Camp Condition: Fair

Food Quality: Below Average

Guide Experience: Fair

Other Personal Experience: Fair

Review Information

Hunter: Sam Aul

Phone: 610-504-2095


Would Recommend: No chance

Overall Impression: rip off

My first and biggest complaint about this hunt was the fact that it was totally exaggerated in terms of its success rates. I have been on a lot of hunts and I know all outfitters fudge their success rates for the most part. This went well beyond that. When I booked this hunt, I was told elk ran shot opportunity of 90% and whitetail was better than that. I checked around, everybody in camp had been told the same thing. Here are the results, I had the only shot at an elk that week, I am the only guy who saw one. No whitetail bucks were seen from the stands, and only a couple of does. Two bear were shot, and that is for eight guys. After checking around with the guides, the other two weeks of archery went about the same. There are big bucks present there, they are on film, but they are nocturnal because the stands are over hunted. There are probably about 16-18 stands, and about 12 of them are hunted the most. Also, much to my surprise elk season end on the second day of my hunt. When one guy in camp asked the outfitter about this, it was worded in the hunt description in a less than obvious way. It was news to all eight of us. The food was a little disappointing, you won't starve, but you won't rave about it either. Breakfast was a choice of boxed doughnuts or instant oatmeal, everyday. Lunch was usually on the meager side too, grilled cheese, a single sandwich. It is a bit disappointing to spend 6 hours hiking up rough terrain and only get one $.99 pot pie for lunch. Dinners were typically a little better, but not once did we get served a salad, a vegetable, a desert with dinner. Again minimal effort, it isn't that hard to use a bag salad, open a big can of green beans, or bake a box cake. The good part of the trip, was Adam the guide. Good guide and great guy, would like to see him move on to a better outfit. So you ask yourself, how does a guy who has been on lots of hunts end up on this one? I bought it on EBay, as did all of the guys I talked to in camp. I didn't have time to check references like I usually do. But all of the indicators were there that this was a good hunt. Good reviews on here, 100% EBay rating, plus a couple of big name TV celbs hunted there, and the lower price seemed normal since it was listed as a cancellation hunt, I figured half the hunt was already paid. I got a second chance offer and had 24 hours to make my mind up. On one hand, I can't complain because I did get a shot opportunity at a nice bull on a full guided hunt for $1800, but that alone doesn't make up for everything else.

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