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Outfitter Review - Tioga Hunting Preserve

Submit Date: Dec 24, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Tioga Hunting Preserve

Outfitter / Contact: Gee Brothers

Location: PA, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Boar/Pigs

Game Quality: OK-It's a preserve

Game Quantity: OK-Again, it's a preserve

Accomodations: N/A. Day hunt

Camp Condition: Fair

Food Quality: N/A. Day hunt

Guide Experience: Minimal

Other Personal Experience: OK-poor attitude

Review Information

Hunter: Chuck and Patti Coolidge

Phone: 570 439-2968


Would Recommend: Definitely not.

Overall Impression: Very poor due to attitude of guides

My wife and I took our two sons on a hunt they had saved for all summer. We wanted to video tape the hunt and spend the time in the field, however, we were instructed to go to lodge. The reason they stated, "too many people in the woods" We have always taught our kids it was about the experience not the end result. That doesn't seem to apply at the Tioga Ranch. The guides with the exception of two were put out that we decided to hunt on Sunday and it cut into the Sunday NFL game time. No help with pictures of our memories (bad). Skinning was done, thrown into the back of the truck, hair left on the pigs. No hosing them off. Also charged for 6 bags of ice but didn't get one. Real professional. The next time I read an article about the problems of teens/kids not getting into hunting or the anti-hunters, picking up steam in their fight to ban hunting, I won't question Why? I'll just thank the GEE brothers. DO NOT BOOK A HUNT WITH THIS GROUP.

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