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Outfitter Review - Ghost Canyon

Submit Date: Dec 2, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Ghost Canyon

Outfitter / Contact: Ray Hulse

Location: SD, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Deer

Game Quality: POOR

Game Quantity: POOR

Accomodations: POOR

Camp Condition: POOR

Food Quality: Nightly meal great

Guide Experience: NONE

Other Personal Experience: NONE

Review Information

Hunter: Jeff McDaniel

Phone: 217-371-0275


Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Scam

Ray dump 8 hunters in a small track of land right off the highway before daylight and expected everyone to remain in a ground blind for 12 hours. The Blinds were placed so close seeing each other was possible. No guides service other than dumping the hunters in a previously shot out drainage ditch. The camp was over crowded with pissed off hunters from the previous week still there. It was quite obvious that everyone was unhappy and hunters were stacked up in a tiny track of land doing time with everyone seeing the same 20 or so deer move about. Ray Hulse is running a SCAM.

Outfitter Response: jeff mcdaniels and his brother came to hunt with us and sat in a blynd 1 day . they complained and we took them on a fully guided 4x4 hunt at no extra charge(1000xtra costnormally)per person) we saw 2 big mule deer bucks 1st thing in morning and the brother hit one in the back leg and we lost it. jeff shot at the other big muley and hit a spike buck 2 feet behind the big buck. we then took his brother riding more and didn't see another big buck in 3 hours. we came back to camp and jeff and brother packed up and left. his brother could have continued to hunt. i'm really surprised that the whole story wasn't told truthfully. all the other hunters got deer after the mcdaniels left,due to the rut coming on strong. they should have been patient and certainly have practiced shooting a lot more. the whole scenario was sad because i considered them to be friends. we have excellent hunting if you just give it a chance. the drainage swales are where the bucks are due to water and lush growth.

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