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Outfitter Review - The Country Lodge

Submit Date: Nov 15, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: The Country Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Matt Duffy

Location: IL, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: Fair

Game Quantity: Good - lots of little bucks

Accomodations: Good, but too crowded

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Good

Guide Experience: Fair

Other Personal Experience: NA

Review Information

Hunter: Craig Wiggins

Phone: 256.520.6880


Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Will not be back

The When I booked this hunt I was told over and over during the summer that I would be the only hunter in camp (along with my cameraman). When we arrived, there were 2 other hunters, Matt's friend, and 4 guys staying there that were hunting their own lease. The first night we even had to share a room with a guy that snored like a bear. We spent that night on the sofa and love seat. After some complaining the next day, we got him moved, but the lodge was still very crowded. The guys Matt was lodging were being treated just like the paying hunters. Not to mention all the local folks that just liked to come by and hang out. Many times after lunch or dinner there was simply no place to sit and we had to go sit in our room or just stand up. That part really sucked. When you are paying $3K for a hunt, a place to sit after dinner or lunch would be nice. The guys lodging there were paying $400 a week and here I am paying $3000 and I had to go sit in my bed to relax. As far as the hunting goes, Matt has a 130" min, but after looking at all his trail photos, we realized that a 130 min was a joke. There are plenty of deer, but no real big ones. We were hunting a 135 acre (yes, 135 acre) tract behind the lodge. We could actually see our trucks from the stand. I got an opportunity on a 3 year old 10 point on film and decided that was as good as it would get so I killed him. According to Matt he scored 123 so I was fined $500.00. Matt is going to a 140 min next year. I get the feeling Matt is trying to pay for his lodge with some lodging and a few hunters and saves the good farms for himself. Only 3 other hunters had killed a deer all season and only 1 of those deer was above 130", and nothing above 140". I would not recommend this outfitter if you want a quality hunt and a decent place to stay. It is simply too crowded, there are not enough farms and the bucks are too small. I should have just left the minute I got there when I saw the place packed with people.

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